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1. Legal notices:

The company DIRICKX GROUPE registered capital of €9,009,504, registered office at CONGRIER 53800, registered in the LAVAL business register under the number LAVAL B 556 150 183.

Director of publication: Jacques DIRICKX
Editorial manager: Bénédicte RICHOMME

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64-70 rue rouget de l'isle 92150 Suresnes

2. Disclaimer:

DIRICKX GROUPE undertakes to provide accurate and precise information on its website.

Nevertheless, the information published on this website is provided for informational purposes only and has no contractual status. DIRICKX GROUPE cannot fully guarantee the accuracy, precision or comprehensive nature of the information published on this website.

DIRICKX GROUPE hereby disclaims all liability:
• for any errors, inaccuracies or omissions concerning the information available on the website;
• for any direct and/or indirect damage, regardless of the cause, origins, nature or implications, resulting from the access of this website by anyone whatsoever or the inability to access the website, as well as the use of the website and/or of the credit given to any information that comes from the website, either directly or indirectly.

At any moment, at its discretion and without prior notice, DIRICKX GROUPE reserves the right to unilaterally amend or correct the content or configuration of the website. DIRICKX GROUPE also reserves the right, under the same conditions, to remove, amend or alter the services or content that appear on its website, or to limit, suspend or deny access to the website, temporarily or permanently.

DIRICKX GROUPE may not be held liable for any damage that may result from the use of the information published on this website and/or from the use of a product to which this information refers. It is the responsibility of visitors to the website to check the accuracy of the information provided and its use with the Editorial manager.

3. Intellectual property:

3.1. Copyright :
Unless otherwise stated, all the information on this Internet server and documents contained on the website, along with all the elements created for the website, are the property of DIRICKX GROUPE and are protected by intellectual property rights.

The reproduction and use of all material and information published on this website is authorised for informational purposes only, for strictly personal and private use, with acknowledgment of the source. Any reproduction, use or dissemination of copies produced for other purposes is expressly prohibited and is subject to legal sanctions.

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With regard to intellectual property rights, visitors to the website are granted no permissions or other rights apart from the right to consult the website. Any reproduction or use of copies not made for strictly private use is expressly prohibited.

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3.2. Distinguishing marks :
Unless otherwise stated, the corporate names, logos, products and brands mentioned on this website (products marked with ® and ™) are the property of DIRICKX GROUPE. They may not be used without prior written authorisation from DIRICKX GROUPE.

3.3. Database :
Pursuant to the provisions of Act no. 98-536 of 1 July 1998 relating to the transposition into the French Intellectual Property Code of Directive 96/9/EC of 11 March 1996 on the Legal Protection of Databases, DIRICKX GROUPE is the author and owner of all or part of the databases comprising this website. .

By accessing this site, the user:
• recognises that the data contained therein is legally protected pursuant to the provisions of the aforementioned Act of 1 July 1998,
• agrees not to extract, re-use, store, reproduce, represent or keep, directly or indirectly, by permanent or temporary transfer, on any medium, by any means or in any form whatsoever, including by hypertext link(s), all or a qualitatively or quantitatively substantial part of the content of the databases contained on the DIRICKX website, or to engage in repeated and systematic extraction or re-use of qualitatively and quantitatively non-substantial parts when such activities clearly exceed normal conditions of use.

4. Hypertext links :

DIRICKX categorically disclaims any liability concerning the content of websites to which it provides links. Any links offered to users of the DIRICKX website are provided as a service. The decision to activate the links resides solely with DIRICKX website users.

Any surface and/or deep link or framing to the DIRICKX website is strictly prohibited and, as a consequence, no element appearing on a page of the DIRICKX website can be partially or totally disseminated, transferred or inserted on another website, nor be used to create derivative products, without express authorisation from DIRICKX. Any surface or deep link and/or framing requires express prior written authorisation from DIRICKX.

5. Respect for privacy:

DIRICKX GROUPE is aware of the importance of respecting privacy and undertakes to protect your personal information. We use the information that you send us to meet your requests and to provide you with information that may interest you.

5.1. What information do we collect and how do we use it?
You always have control over the information that you send to DIRICKX. We gather two types of information about our visitors:
• personal information (such as name, address, telephone number, email address, etc.) that you give us voluntarily
• statistical and general information (such as the number of visitors to our sites, the pages that they access, etc.).

Nonetheless, our website remains accessible without the user having to reveal his/her identity or give personal information.

The collection, storage and use of the personal information that you give us voluntarily are useful for us to contact you, including by email, and/or to reply to your comments or information requests, and/or to deal with a request that you make on our website.

The collection of general information also has the aim of providing you with the most useful, targeted products and services to meet your needs and requests.

5.2. Do we disclose information to third parties ?
DIRICKX GROUPE undertakes not to exchange, sell or transmit your personal data to companies other than those belonging to its group, except where this is required by law. Your personal information will generally be kept in the databases of the DIRICKX Communication Department located in France.

5.3. What are cookies?
"Cookies" are files sent by a website administrator, in this case DIRICKX GROUPE, to the hard drive of the Internet user enabling the administrator to identify and memorise the user when he/she is connected to the website.

DIRICKX may use the cookies system to gather information when you visit our website. This helps us to know which parts of our website interest you. DIRICKX can thereby obtain a better idea of your areas of interest and provide you with information that is relevant for your needs. These cookies will also prevent you from having to repeat information that you have already given us each time you access the site, as the cookies will remember your previous visit to the site.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but browsers can be configured so that they do not accept them or trigger a warning message when cookies are sent.

5.4. How can you change your information on the site?
Given that the aim of this notice is to protect your privacy, we would appreciate your requests and comments.
Pursuant to Articles 39 ff. of the Information Technology and Freedoms Act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978, you may at any time check, correct, update or request the deletion of personal information concerning you that you have given us.

DIRICKX will do its utmost to comply with your expectations.